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Medico-Legal Practice

Mr Ashworth is a general Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon, with approximately 35% of clinical work being trauma related and 65% elective orthopaedic surgery. He has a special interest in revision joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee; young adult hip pain; hip & knee arthritis surgery and sports injury surgery.

Mr Ashworth has been engaged in medico-legal practice for over 30 years. He undertakes personal injury reporting on behalf of victims of road traffic, industrial and  other accidents. He prepares reports for insurance  and other companies wishing to defend a claim. He has over 15 years’ experience in clinical negligence work, specialising in Orthopaedic hip and knee conditions as well as cases of alleged trauma negligence.

Mr Ashworth currently receives around 150 new instructions per year from a variety of sources including independent solicitors, employers and insurers as well NHS Resolution (formerly the NHS Litigation Authority).

A completed personal injury report can usually be returned within 2 weeks of the consultation date, although a faster turnaround time can sometimes be accommodated if necessary. Clinical negligence (breach/causation and condition/prognosis) reports can be completed within 4-8 weeks of the consultation/report date. This is dependent on the volume of records requiring review and number of active cases being prepared at the time.

Mr Ashworth is experienced in providing screening reports prior to engagement as a Part 35 Expert. He has experience in giving evidence at Court and at the Coroner’s Court. He is a full member of the Expert Witness Institute and a member of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses. Clients under 18 years of age can be seen at Torbay Chiropractic Clinic.


  • Instruction ratios:-

    • Personal injury: claimant 60%; defendant 20%; single joint expert 20%.

    • Clinical negligence: claimant 50%; defendant 50%.


  • Training -Attends update training on average every 2-3 years (since 1993)

    • Advanced Medico-Legal Report Writing

    • Medico-Legal Court Room Skills

    • Concurrent Medical Evidence (Hot Tubbing)

    • British Orthopaedic Association medico-legal training annually


  • Registered for business promotion with:

    • The Expert Witness Institute (Full Member of the Expert Witness Institute - MEWI)

    • National Expert Witness Association (NEWA)

    • Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

    • (The Faculty of Expert Witnesses -The FEW)

    • Medical Experts Online (MEOL)

    • The Medico-Legal Experts Practice (TMLEP) Map


  • Contact email: -

  • Medico-legal CV:-

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  • Academic CV:-

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DD (Barrister)-

Your report is very detailed and very well argued, what is more impressive is that it is your first [negligence report].

SC (Partner/Clin Neg Solicitor)-

I must say I’m very impressed with your C&P report – if only all experts’ C&P reports were so clear and covered everything as nicely as yours does!

ZD (Personal injury/negligence solicitor)-

I wanted to thank you for your helpful breach of duty & causation report, plus speedy turnaround, plus actually taking the time to telephone me about the case.  Although perhaps shocking, I find it is rare to receive a well-structured report, clearly applying the legal tests for breach of duty and causation – basically an expert who just gets it!

MP (Personal injury solicitor)-

Compared to other providers you are lightening fast and very thorough.

CM (Solicitors)-

Our client is very happy with the report, which is extremely detailed.

SS (Partner/Clin Neg Solicitor)-

Thank you for all your help with this.....your what achieved such a good result.        (Multi-million pound case)

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